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luff n : sailing close to the wind


1 sail close to the wind [syn: point]
2 flap when the wind is blowing equally on both sides; "the sails luffed"

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  1. The vertical edge of a sail that is closest to the direction of the wind.
    By easing the halyard the luff of the sail sagged to leeward.



  1. To shake due to being trimmed improperly.
  2. To alter course to windward so that the sails luff. (Alternatively luff up)
  3. nautical transitive to let out [a sail] so that it luffs.
  4. In the context of "mechanical": To alter the vertical angle of the jib of a crane so as to bring it level with the load.

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Luff or luffing may refer to:
  • Luffing, when a sailing sheet is eased so far past trim that airflow over the surface is disrupted
  • The leading edge of a sail
  • Luffing crane, a type of crane where the jib, rather than being fixed, can be raised and lowered
  • Luff, coined by Woody Allen in Annie Hall, is a term of endearment and is chatspeak for love
  • Red


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